"The Tuilerie is one of the oldest houses in our city.

Probably built around 1750, it was initially, and as its name indicates, the house of the tuilier.

At the time, Blainville-sur-l'eau did not extend to this isolated place which became the place called "La Tuilerie".

The years passing the hamlet has grown and La Tuilerie is now in the heart of the city. The peculiarity of the property is however that once past the gate, the nature takes back its rights in a vast raised park which extends until the river.

After many visits of houses, we fell under the spell of this building steeped in history. Our project was born from this meeting. To live there and to create our Bed and Breakfast became for us an obviousness, and after many steps, in October 2018, we succeeded.

And we are happy to welcome you in a warm and cozy atmosphere, in our image and our taste, made of a marriage of new objects, new, diverted or even created from scratch.

It is in this beautiful alliance of old and modern that we are waiting for you now."

Carole and Frédéric